Marked for life

These ‘marks’ were formed by vines wrapped around the tree trunk. My husband has recently taken to clearing the jungle that’s been our yard for so long. While I did enjoy the privacy the dense vegetation afforded our property, I’m happy for the trees being freed from the strangling vines.

Yeah, this was my yard “before”

lookin’ good now

now a boy can have some real fun

the man who’s been doing all the work – my husband

…with a little help






Reaching for the moon


Through the looking glass

(or, rather, the windshield)

looking in through the windshield of Jody's truck - these leis are hanging from his rear-view mirror

looking out through the windshield of my truck




That’s My Boy

This is the photo I love the best out of all the ones I took today.

“Mom, look” – usually camera-shy, he made certain I took this photo

More Zack:

earning Halo time

waiting at the bus stop

mmmm gets to hold the pizzas!

at Barnes and Noble to pick up books for World Book Night

the elusive Mr. Zack