Otis found a new place to take a nap.


Otis & me



Through the years we have had many creatures come to our property – goats, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, to name a few. Our most recent visitors were much smaller than usual; we have had the pleasure of briefly getting to know a caterpillar, a snail, and a very brave moth.

I discovered this little guy in my washing machine – he survived an entire wash cycle

Still, at last

Several weeks ago I heard a scratching at the back door of my home – it was Wiggle-Puppy, who chose my family to be her family. There’s no telling where she came from or what she’d been through before she found us; while she is wiggly now simply from what appears to be boundless joy, she started out as wiggly from skittishness. She may always be Wiggle-Puppy…unless we can think of a ‘real’ name for her.

Wiggle-Puppy finally stayed still long enough for me to take her picture!