Mother Nature

–  at the Norman, OK, Earth Day Festival on April 22, 2012. World Environment Day is June 5, so now seems like an appropriate time to share these photos I took of Mother Nature (AKA the Tree Lady).

my son, one of my daughters and one of my nieces with Mother Nature

World Environment Day, observed each year on June 5, was established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly as a day to stimulate awareness of the environment and enhance political attention and public action. It is a day for people from all walks of life to come together as agents of change in support of sustainable and equitable development. World Environment Day is hosted every year by a different city with a different theme and is commemorated with an international exposition the week of June 5.

World Environment Day 2012 will be hosted by the Federative Republic of Brazil, marking the 40th anniversary of the event with the theme “Green Economy: Does it Include You?” The question is meant to have people find out more about the Green Economy and assess their inclusion in it. The Green Economy is about social equity and inclusiveness in reducing carbon emissions and pollution, enhancing energy and resource efficiency, and preventing the loss of biodiversity and ecosystems.

World Environment Day advocates partnerships working toward ensuring all people of all nations will enjoy a safe and prosperous future. World Environment Day promotes the understanding that communities are pivotal to change in attitudes regarding environmental issues. The aim of World Environment Day is to give a human face to environmental issues and to empower people to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development.

World Environment Day calls for action by individuals and neighborhoods; people everywhere are called to this initiative, to organize neighborhood clean-ups, stop using plastic bags, organize a collective tree-planting, walk to work, or make any effort to express involvement in the Green Economy. If the Green Economy is about social equity and inclusiveness, then technically it is about each of us; everyone counts on World Environment Day.

©Lyann Valadez 2012

World Environment Day

Earth Day 2012



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