Bird on a Wire

A Mourning Dove


7 thoughts on “Bird on a Wire

    • I haven’t thought about that in a very long time! I think you have to touch 2 wires at the same time? The transformers are dangerous – sometimes a squirrel will get ‘mixed up’ with one down the road, and we’ll be without power until the utility company comes out to the near-boonies (where I live) to fix it. That took a week, once – usually it’s only a few hours 🙂

          • I appreciate that and please share my story of the pain I did suffered through and I suffered in silence for many years and for decades when a mother don’t want a child she will take that child home and play with that child like he and she is a toy and to make fun of the child and she will do this untill the child is killed and she will do that to her grandchildren because she really hates the child, I know because they did that to me and I nearly lost my oldest and my first born son. and he do look like me as well and his father and both my kids look like both of us.


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