Reality Check




Big Band

I’ve spent many hours waiting and watching while Daughter Trinidad practises with her high school marching band. While I enjoyed all of those hours, I also enjoyed getting to (try to) learn to march, too.

I’m very good at holding a flute!

I could not figure out how to tell where I was supposed to be standing

Yeah, someone was probably laughing at me

Yep, I’m the only one not moving…I just figured out where to stand!

Lost in the crowd – that’s good!

I’m very good at holding very still…compare this to the previous photo

Trin has it down pat

It was fun, even though I could not get the hang of it

We had a great time – although I know for sure I am much better at watching marching than I am at marching!

Thanks to Daughter Eva for taking photos!

Lost and Found

Two weeks ago, I drove from Oklahoma City to Atlanta to participate in the Golden Key International Summit. The drive was only the beginning of a fortnight of being repeatedly lost and found. While I managed “found” in the physical sense quite rapidly, I am only just emerging from being “lost” technologically…I’ve spent most of the last two weeks without any internet access at home, and while I did enjoy (repeatedly) the Mocha Frappe at the bookstore in town where I also enjoyed free internet access, I am really enjoying having internet access back at home out in the Oklahoma countryside.

The summit was held on the campus of Georgia Tech, and delegates stayed in the dorms. I spent most of my first evening on campus trying to find my dorm room, over and over again. Eventually, I figured out that no matter what the display says in the elevator you just press the number of the floor you want to get to…although I still had to memorize the pattern of the labyrinth to my room. It’s frustrating enough to press “2” in the elevator and end up on some other floor but even more frustrating to keep finding yourself at the opposite end of a U-shaped building than where you’re supposed to be.

This is the view I expected when I exited the building and turned around. My room was the 2nd storey room to the right of the tree on the left (the lower of the 2 white-shaded windows).

This is the view I kept seeing each time I exited my dorm building for the first few hours I was at the summit. I decided to just take my time and take pictures with my cell phone as I made my way to where I was supposed to be.

Looking back

a bit of progress


getting closer

a turning point

familiar territory – my vehicle is the 6th one up

yep, even a puddle is interesting to someone who’s been living in a drought-stricken area of the country

the dorm entrance at the opposite end of the U from my dorm entrance