Into the Storm

On my way through Mississippi driving to Atlanta.


10 thoughts on “Into the Storm

  1. Why were you on the road to Atlanta? Interesting documentation of what to watch out for on the road. I hope you pulled over till you could see clearly ahead… although I see you’ve made it through in order to blog

    • I was called at the last minute to be a delegate to the Golden Key International Summit in Atlanta, and had to drive (from Oklahoma). No, I did not pull over…I followed the hazard lights of the driver in front of me, which was just about all I could see. I held my cellphone on the steering wheel as I drove and had no idea how the pictures turned out until later. I was more afraid of pulling over than just following the lights ahead of me. At this point, back in Oklahoma, technology is a real problem, and not the weather (although it has been hotter than h-e-double toothpicks!). I live out in the country and at this time I’m having to use the internet at a bookstore in town until my internet provider gets bugs worked out of its system (it’s a major provider, but I won’t say which one). I hope to be blogging on a regular basis again soon…thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂

    • Wow, thank you:) I am honored, and I will tend to the acceptance as quickly as I can…I’m waiting for my internet provider to set things straight technologically, so I don’t have to drive all the way to town to use the internet at a bookstore (as I am now). Again, thank you!


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