The Powers That Be

For the weekly photo challenge: Thankful

Although they often get in the way of my photography, I am thankful for the power lines running alongside the roads and through the fields everywhere I go.



Okay, I’ll admit it – I do “occasionally” shop at Wal-Mart, although I will say that I was not “Black Friday” shopping when my husband and I stopped by there today. I’ll admit, too, that even I was surprised to see a chicken in the parking lot.

I thought maybe it was endeavoring to cut out the middle man and just deliver eggs directly to the store – why else would a chicken cross the road…to go to Wal-Mart?

Morning Fog

As is usual for a school day, I had to drive daughter Trinidad to band practice – which is always before school begins and for which our school district does not provide school bus transportation. Nowadays, this is a pre-dawn drive.

I had Trin take photos on the way to town, on a morning when the air was as foggy as my brain seemed to be

This light is the only way I could tell where the left turn was for me to get onto the road toward Trin’s school

you wouldn’t know it, but this is actually a group of trees behind that fence

a little later, there is a better view of how things really look

I had to make two trips to town this morning – this was the deer crossing sign on the way back out to the country the first time

later, things were much clearer

The trash must go out even out in the country, and even if you can barely see where the road is

maybe taking the trash out could have waited just a little bit longer 🙂

after I dropped Trin off at school, I had to take it upon myself to take the photos – the scenery was just too awesome not to make a record of

almost home

that’s my road on the right – by my second trip to town and back, the morning fog had cleared

I’m grateful somebody else put the trash out by the side of the road at my home this morning 🙂