Shared with permission of Santa himself 🙂


I believe in Santa Claus – he did, after all, leave this letter for the children last year:

shifts in time 026

…and he did make good on his promise 🙂

This year, however, times are tougher all over for everyone, and I’ve been ‘suggesting’ to the children that Santa may not only be late again this year, but he may not be able to come at all. Yeah, that’s been going over real well 😦

Rane refuses to believe that Santa might not visit our home this year, and it nearly broke my heart when she scribbled a letter to him for me to type-up and print and mail to him:

shifts in time 021

The other children have not (yet) written letters to Santa, but they have all told me what they would most like to have…clicking on the links will paint a more complete picture of each child:

Rane would like to have a camera…

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