For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water

It’s not much fun to skate on ice that looks like this:

 Sunday Skate II 106

 Sunday Skate II 131

Still, Trin and Eva decided to brave it


10 thoughts on “Groovy

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  2. I’m a huge fan of figure skating, have followed it for yrs – know of some of the coaches there (some pretty elite coaches). Do your girls compete?
    Yeah. Those hockey boys! Awful ice!

    • Ugh – hockey players 🙂
      Eva is the only one of my daughters to take the challenge to compete, although all three have competitive ability. Thank you for asking.
      I love watching figure skating, too, especially the men – I’m quite tall, so I find more inspiration in men’s skating than ‘women’s’ – how are little girls considered women, I wonder?
      That’s cool that you know some of the coaches. We have a Russian coach at our rink who sometimes works with my girls. He scares me too much, so when I’m healthy I only work with our regular coach. Do you skate?

      • I skated a little as an occasional winter activity at a rink in Melbourne, Australia. Since moving to Canada as an adult I’ve skated occasionally on frozen lakes, and in rinks in Vancouver. I don’t think I’d say I can skate. I can go round the edge of the rink and not fall over 🙂
        Kudriatzev? Yeah I’d imagine he’s scary.
        If you really want all the figure skating news, and gossip, and uncensored fan commentary, and detailed info about the judging system and every competition that’s ever held, and play by play commentary during competitions, and useless fan snarking mixed in with some really thoughtful, intelligent and knowledgeable information – go to fsuniverse.
        WTG Eva. It’s a tough sport.
        Love the men too. Men and dance are my fave. And being Canadian of course I’m a huge fan of Patrick Chan.


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