Smooth Operator

For the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Daughter Eva is training for a May ice show, and usually by the time we arrive for 2:30 practice on Saturday the ice has been “zammed”. Last week the zamming wasn’t done until 2:30, giving Eva a little extra time to stretch before skating.

It is only thanks to the kindness and generosity of a dear blogger named Ralph, who not only made certain Santa visited my home this past Christmas but made it possible for my family to skate this year. Ralph has helped many, many people in many ways, changing many lives for the better. Here’s to all the wonderful people like Ralph who change the world for the better! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Smooth Operator

  1. I have to open a new comment as we are getting thin on the ground in here 😉 I am so sorry to hear that some of you are unwell. I pray that you all get better soon. You seem to have a lot of assignments lately. I hope they are not 35 pages again. Ralph xox

    • lol, Ralph – I’ll have to ask her 🙂
      …she said “I guess, 6:55” but then pulled her leg up and said “No, I think it would be 11:30”.
      Hugs from us to you!

            • lol – we are both actually wound-down today. We were sick all last week, and though we skated yesterday (well, that’s kind of a loose term for either of our performances Saturday) we’re paying the price today. I’m only ‘up’ because I have an assignment due tonight and I’m doing everything I can to avoid actually working on it (that Structured Procrastination, you know).
              I’ll make sure Eva doesn’t get too tightly wound up when she gets up again at all! 😀

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  3. We like Ralph and all his kind! I have not written the word Zamboni in years 🙂 I hope its spelled right!

  4. There are so many wonderful people behind the scenes helping many people in so many different ways… There are many more who do kind acts than we are led to believe by the few terrible ones we get to hear about over the Media…

    Keep Positive… and thank you for sharing…
    Love and Light


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