Oklahoma Moore Tornado

There aren’t really words to express my feelings – my thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by this disaster.

Bluefish Way

My mind has not been on blogging today as I have 2 friends that live in the Oklahoma Moore area. As you must know by now a massive tornado scythed through Moore leaving utter devastation. I emailed LyannV (who regularly comments in my blog and her face can be seen four times on the 55 Blogs I Follow on my sidebar) who lives just east of Moore/Norman and I had no reply for quite a while. She managed to get to an internet cafe and emailed me with the news that her family are okay, extremely shaken up. Her house is okay but without water or electricity. A relation of hers live in the path of the tornado. The house was totally destroyed, their dog was killed but they survived by crouching in their bathroom Another friend lives near Lake Draper, east of Oklahoma City and saw the tornado barrelling…

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