For the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge : Masterpiece

The images I share on this blog are generally unedited snapshots of my life. This image was born of a set of photos I took of fledgling birds at Blazers Ice Centre in Oklahoma City.

The original image was blurry & a horrible, dull and dim greenish-brownish color, but I thought it might be interesting to play around and see what I could turn it into.

Although it’s not a masterpiece by any ordinary standard, I am quite pleased with it… it is my own masterpiece 🙂


10 thoughts on “Bluebirds

  1. The thing I’m talking about is definitely not in the media library, though I’ll look into that for myself. What I was talking about was a way to enlarge it once it’s been uploaded into your draft. Click on the picture in the draft and you get the mountain icon.

    • Yes, that’s what I meant – it’s the photo in the draft you click on to change the size… it becomes part of your media library when it’s uploaded.

      The resize option is always available, as you mention, but it’s not always possible to increase the size of the photo. Sometimes it’s possible to increase to more than 100%, as you described earlier. I wish I could do that for the image in this post, but the only option is to reduce the size.

      Thank you for the clarification – I didn’t word my own description correctly 🙂

      • Sorry, what a mix up lol. Anyway I think we got it figured out what each of us means. And now I confess I’ve had trouble to increasing to more than 100% – I wonder why they give the option if it doesn’t work.
        Sorry I couldn’t be more help. But I have always found asking in the forums to be very helpful.

        • I never even thought of the forums! Thank you for reminding me of that 🙂

          I’ve also wondered why the ‘more than 100%’ option is there if it won’t work most of the time.

          Thank you so much for taking the time to work through this with me – at the very least, we discovered we’re on the same page when it comes to our understanding of sizing images in a post draft!

          Take care!

    • Hi Alison,

      I’m glad you like the picture – I wish I knew how to make it bigger! I actually played around with the original with a photo app on my cell phone. The picture does look better bigger…when I clicked on it using my cell phone I was able to magnify it to see more detail. It doesn’t work this way on my computer.

      If you have any advice on how to enlarge this, I’d sure appreciate it!

      • Oh I’m hopeless at the tech stuff, and know absolutely nothing about taking photos with cell phones, or phone apps, or getting photos from phones to computers. Sorry.
        I do know there’s a WP feature that might work for you – in your draft go into the visual option and click on the photo. An icon of a mountain should appear in the upper left corner (and another icon but I’ve never used it). Click on the mountain icon and a screen will open that allows you to enlarge up to 130% (I think). Click on the highest enlargement percentage it will allow the click update. Maybe this will work for you.
        I use this all the time to reduce the size of vertical photos. I get seriously irritated by vertical photos that won’t fit on the computer screen and I have to scroll up and down to see the whole picture. I can’t understand photographers who would do that to their work. So I upload big enough that when someone clicks on the photo it fills the screen, but reduce the size with this WP feature so the whole photo can be seen if the reader doesn’t want to see it full size. Sorry. Got a bit carried away there. Rant over. Anyway maybe it will work for you for enlarging.

        • Cool – thank you for the pointers!
          I’ve noticed that sometimes a photo can be enlarged in the media library in WordPress, but this isn’t consistently an option. This is, I’m sure, the feature you have described 🙂

          I did, somewhere along the way, figure out that the photo can be enlarged by clicking on it – for the image in this post this didn’t help with the size issue, although I was able to enlarge it with my computer’s zoom.

          Tech issues befuzzle me all the time! Eventually I end up up getting things figured out, usually with the help of someone rather than on my own…I really appreciate your taking the time to help me get this figured out!

          Thank you for the tip about vertical photos – I’ll definitely keep that in mind!



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