Mr T and Me

Mr T and I go ‘way back’ – usually I encounter him crossing my driveway, but on one recent morning I sighted him crossing the road by my house just as I returned from town.

My first encounter with Mr. T can be found here.

11 thoughts on “Mr T and Me

  1. Terrific Mr. T. I met a similar turtle once on a road close to my house. I set it free in my pond full of lilies. A week after all lilies were gone and so are the goldfishes. Sadly I had to let him go. I found a lake close by with other turtles. I bet he’s much happier to be home.

    • Hello Ralph!
      The turtles are wild – we have quite a lot of wildlife where we live, and I especially like the turtles.

      I apologize for taking so long to reply – everyone has been sick since school began a few weeks ago and my coursework has been overwhelming. All things considered, we’re happy – I only wish my husband would go along with the doctor’s recommendation to homeschool. We seem to go through this every year.

      I have noticed you have blog posts and e-mails I keep hoping to have time to check out and respond to – I apologize I have been stretched too thin to properly tend to anything besides the children and my coursework. I’m really hoping this will change soon!

      Even in the midst of all the chaos you have been on my mind, and I hope all is well with you and the kitties. I’m anxious to know how your time with Ute went – I do remember seeing a Bluefish Way post about harvesting grapes. I know the two of you must have had a fantastic time!

      Well, back to the grindstone now – I’ll do my best to tend to blogs and e-mails this week.

      Lots of hugs and much love,

      • Hi Lyann. We have big turtles in our river but I don’t know if they are naturally wild.
        Please never apologise for not writing. Your family and course work must always come first. I hope everyone is better now and I wish you all well.
        The cats and I are fine, having a semi restful week with workmen/women finishing off bitty things in the apartment.
        Ute had a really brilliant holiday and thoroughly enjoyed herself and I enjoyed her company for 5 days. There are a couple of posts Grapes & Goodbyes and Ralph’s Housewarming Party with Ute.
        Megahugs to you all. Ralph xox 😀

    • Thank you! I grew up in a place with no wildlife, so it’s especially wonderful to encounter the critters where I live now.
      Hugs and my love to you, Sue!


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