Work in Progress

Four months after a devastating tornado tore through the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, Oklahoma, the recovery process continues.

Satellite images show the scale of the damage caused by the massive EF5 tornado that was on the ground for nearly 40 minutes and traveled a distance of 17 miles. EF5 is the highest rating on the Enhanced Fujita scale. At its widest, the May 20th tornado was 1.3 miles across.

Shannan Rhodes, a bricklayer who owns a mason company with his father, has worked in the aftermath of both the May 3, 1999 Moore tornado and the May 20, 2013 tornado.

Rhodes has over 25 years experience in the construction industry, and he estimates that recovery from the May 20th  tornado in Moore will take another year and a half or two years. He points out that cleanup is still ongoing, and there is much that still needs to be done.

Rhodes observes, “All the cameras are turned off now, four months later and it’s something we should all not forget. We should not forget those people, and help them any way we can because they’re still needing help, even four months later.”

This is a video I did for one of my classes:


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