Double Trouble


I live way out in the country and the store closest to my home is the Corner Market. My husband and I decided to brave the icy roads last night to get popsicles for our son, Zack, who had been sick all day. Unfortunately, the Corner Market had closed early and even though we didn’t get popsicles, we did get a good laugh when we saw an unlikely duo feasting on food left out for the kitties who live at the Corner Market. I had only my cellphone with me so the photo quality isn’t so great, but I thought it was worth sharing B-)


9 thoughts on “Double Trouble

    • Hi Ralph!
      I have heard that skunks do make good pets – they were quite popular when I was a child. Still, I don’t think this pair would be candidates for taming – even though my husband did insist once a few years ago that we try to keep a baby possum that had found its way into our home one morning (another “country living” surprise – not only finding a possum in my kitchen, but finding out how truly weird a born Okie can be)… thankfully, the idea of taking this pair home didn’t cross our minds – only trying to get a photo of them without them noticing πŸ˜‰


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