House and Mule

There is a house I really like near where I live. It’s an older house, an A-Frame, and by modern standards it’s not much to look at. Still, it reminds me of simpler times and I especially like the front gate. One day, I was surprised to see a mule in the front yard. Not […]


I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I’ve taken a walk outside the boundaries of my own property…then, outside last night I heard her braying. Last summer, I took regular evening walks, usually to clear my mind from my studies. This year, I found I have become housebound, and now I have resolved to […]


Okay, I’ll admit it – I do “occasionally” shop at Wal-Mart, although I will say that I was not “Black Friday” shopping when my husband and I stopped by there today. I’ll admit, too, that even I was surprised to see a chicken in the parking lot. I thought maybe it was endeavoring to cut […]