Like Night and Day

Admittedly not my best photography – these are cellphone photos (I sent my camera with Daughter Trinidad to Hawaii – she’s currently on a trip there with her high school marching band) – but I thought I would share the difference here between yesterday afternoon and pre-dawn today.


This morning – by daybreak there was 4 inches of snow on the ground

Poor Trin – she’s been wishing for snow for weeks!



Change is in the Air

This image

Is going to become this

Tonight – central  Oklahoma, where I live, is under a winter storm warning. For days we have been urged to prepare for ice followed by snow and to expect to be stuck for 2-3 days.

To dramatize:

You can see that lower level winds were northerly while upper level winds were westerly – and whatever direction the winds were blowing they reminded me of those famous lyrics “O!!!klahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains! “

Double Trouble


I live way out in the country and the store closest to my home is the Corner Market. My husband and I decided to brave the icy roads last night to get popsicles for our son, Zack, who had been sick all day. Unfortunately, the Corner Market had closed early and even though we didn’t get popsicles, we did get a good laugh when we saw an unlikely duo feasting on food left out for the kitties who live at the Corner Market. I had only my cellphone with me so the photo quality isn’t so great, but I thought it was worth sharing B-)

Mr T and Me

Mr T and I go ‘way back’ – usually I encounter him crossing my driveway, but on one recent morning I sighted him crossing the road by my house just as I returned from town.

My first encounter with Mr. T can be found here.