Big Band

I’ve spent many hours waiting and watching while Daughter Trinidad practises with her high school marching band. While I enjoyed all of those hours, I also enjoyed getting to (try to) learn to march, too.

I’m very good at holding a flute!

I could not figure out how to tell where I was supposed to be standing

Yeah, someone was probably laughing at me

Yep, I’m the only one not moving…I just figured out where to stand!

Lost in the crowd – that’s good!

I’m very good at holding very still…compare this to the previous photo

Trin has it down pat

It was fun, even though I could not get the hang of it

We had a great time – although I know for sure I am much better at watching marching than I am at marching!

Thanks to Daughter Eva for taking photos!


Coffee Mate

What it lacked in looks, it made up for in personality. This bug entertained me recently with a game of hide and seek while I sat on the back porch with my morning coffee.